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My name is Ron Cracchiolo and I have been carving lures of various types for more than 25 years. I was first introduced to the Montpelier Bait Company's Hootenanna lures by a family friend while on a childhood trip to Florida. He swore by these lures and explained with great enthusiasm the way he liked to fish them. He would cast the lure and say “leave it sit until you can’t stand it anymore before retrieving it”.  He thought it drove fish crazy to see it sit there motionless for that long.  As the old Hootenanna fishing directions state, the lure is “fishing for you all the time it is in the water”. After returning home to Michigan and fishing these lures extensively, I found that he was right. This simple lure design was an outstanding bass and pike lure.



When it became difficult to find Hootenanna Lures in bait shops in the late 1970’s, I started making them myself, first out of old broomsticks and after that hand carved from various other woods or cast from a special resin recipe.  Since then I have continued perfecting the design, float and action as well as creating other hand carved original designs for fishermen and collectors.  Lure making competitions such as CARVERCOMP have been instrumental in stretching my imagination and inspiring me to create interesting new collectible designs.  In 2001, Blue Water Bait Co. was formed and in 2002, I had the expired “Hootenanna” trademark name registered in my name with the US Patent and Trademark Office.   



The Hootenanna lures presented on this website are made to be fished, but also make fine collectibles. The design may be slightly different than the old originals, but the action is very similar and still produces big bass and pike. Also, these lures are in no way meant to be confused with the original lures made by the Montpelier Bait Co. in the past. They are clearly labeled with the maker'’s mark (BWBC), and signed in permanent ink beneath the clear coats to avoid confusion.  As for the future of Blue Water Bait Company, I am constantly creating new color patterns and brand new lure designs to be offered on this website as well. I hope you enjoy looking through the site and find something you like. Put a Hootenanna or handmade original lure in your tackle box and you won’t be disappointed.


What are your shipping charges?


Most purchases ship priority mail for $6.10 in the lower 48 states. Orders over $60 ship for free in the lower 48.

Alaska and Hawaii may be more as well as international shipping charges. 





How do I track my order?


A priority mail tracking number or link will be emailed to you shortly after your purchase. 




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